Making managing your jobs easy

Active jobs at a glance

See the jobs your working on right now and mark them completed in one click

Keep track of uninvoiced jobs

Stay on top of jobs waiting for invoicing and add them to an invoice in one click

Add jobs in a jiffy

Watch this 25-second video to see how simple it is to add a new job in Breeze or try it yourself - no registration required

Stay on top of your invoices

See your open invoices

See your open invoices and mark them as paid in one click

Create invoices in seconds

Our visual and intuitive invoice editor makes invoicing quick and easy

Simple reports

Sometimes less is more – One report shows you how much you are earning per month and per client

Currencies & Languages

Breeze supports over 160 different currencies, the full list is available here.

You can create invoices in the following languages out of the box: English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, and Italian. You can also localize invoices into any language you need.

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